Antigone - Fragments of a myth

Antigone - Fragments of a myth. According to Sophocles with excerpts from Jean Anouilh

Being a photographer during the final rehearsal can be quite tough because what is scheduled often ends up being something quite different.

However it is also one of the greatest privileges because of the tension that is drawn upon the actors. Here again it was one of these very special moments that makes one unaware of time, while being embedded in the magic of the creative process that finally sees the light as it was dreamt. So here the Stillwasser Kollectiv - lead by Christian Seiler - produced its own interpretation of Antigone in the most compelling way, engaging the public to think about our troubled times.

"Sophocles' Antigone, one of the world’s most famous theatrical works, has been presented and adapted several times. Aware of this, our collective wishes to privilege physical engagement all the while conserving the original text and its strength. By combining text, movement and dance, our objective is to revisit the myth of this young woman, brave enough to stand up against authority."


Born in spring 2016, our collective, which brings together artists from Switzerland and elsewhere, has the goal pf reaching a large and international public. Multilingual and multicultural, our collective is concerned by the issues of language and the corporeal means to apply in order to cross linguistic borders. It tries to find – through a universal language – the creative madness, rational and free, communal and individual, that one carries inside of him.

The colour photos can be seen on the Directors website: