Franko B

"I'm Thinking of You" performance


Franko B (born 1960 in Milan, IT) is an Italian artist based in London, making drawing, installations, sculptures and performances. Over the years he has built up a sizeable body of work and has become internationally known. He is an artist who doesn't separate life from practice, with his work situated somewhere between isolation and seduction, benevolence and confrontation, suffering and eroticism, punk and poetry. His concern is to make the unbearable bearable, and provoke the viewer to reconsider his own understanding of beauty and of suffering. He uses his body as a metaphor for social struggle, and embodying notions of the personal, political and poetic. Projecting the confluence of love and pain, Franko B demonstrates that humanity, as a condition, can be reformed. At present he is an associated visual arts lecturer at Northampton University, UK, and a visiting lecturer at the Royal Collage of Art, London, UK. (text courtesy of Venice International Performance Art Week 2016)

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