Marcel Sparmann

Performing at Venice International Performance Art Week 2016. 

Das Brot der Luft... eine leicht-sinnige Annäherung (2016)

Marcel Sparmann

Marcel Sparmann is a live artist born in Gera, Germany. He studied Theatre and Performance Art at the University of Hildesheim and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art. His specific interest reaches across the media spectrums and includes influences from dance, spatial based art, video and installation. He works as a performer and teacher in solo and collaborative international projects, with a focus on the creation of intense situations, compressed and intimate spaces, which can be used as a display. He looks for a visual and action-based language including audience, the aspect of time and non-time, and the shared space as an emotional environment containing collective memory. Sparmann's live works search for simplicity carried by a poetic aesthetics and a special temperature, comparable to natural phenomenon. (Text from Venice International Performance Art Week)

Please find the wonderful text by Jasmin Shaitl on the Art Week's Blog


His work can be found also on ISSUU