Erling Mandelmann ( is a famous and internationally acclaimed photographer who studied and taught at the photography school in Vevey.  Thanks  to the numerous cultural events that are offered in the area, he has had the occasion to take pictures of very well-known artists and these pictures are known worldwide.  I had the pleasure to meet him on such an occasion and was very eager to see how he approaches his subject and from that, I have learned a lot.  As it is often the case, one knows the work but one does not know the person who is behind the lens, I would like to pay little tribute to him.  You may see more of his portraits on the following page.


Walter Stüdeli, Lobbyist

Walter Stüdeli, lobbyiste

Walter has been a lobbyist at the Swiss Parliament since 2003. Prior to that he worked at the federal chancellery, which gave a great technical insight into the way the government functions. What is less known however, is that Walter was born in the "sérail" as his father was acting as a lobbyists in Switzerland.
Like many lobbyists Walter prefers to stay in the background, but I asked him if he would pause for me in his "environment". The light in the Wandelhalle is very particular and I thought this would best show the play between light and shadow, in the backstage of decision making processes. (


Andrea Pagnes, writer, painter and performance artist

One of the great privileges that I had while living in Venice during the 90ies was to meet Andrea who opened the doors to his inner world and opened my eyes on the process of creative thinking, and giving glimpses to his art in progress. He acts as director, performance artist and filmmaker. He currently lives in Germany with Verena Stenke, his soulmate and partner. There common website will tell you where to find him (See more...)