Swarovski jewelry and the girls

A few months ago a good friend of mine decided to complete a paperweight set started by her father many years ago. The design on the paperweight represents the castles of Bellinzona, monuments which are classified at the UNESCO for their beauty but also for their particularity.  And here she asks me to complete the unfinished collection! 

The date of the vernissage is set,  but she realises that it also corresponds with the presentation of the new Swarovski's Fall Collection. Around a glass of wine, helped by an unflagging enthusiasm, she says we should do something else...  Why not take some portraits some ladies who live around town while wearing some pieces of the new collection and present these pictures during the party? - Thanks to the help of neighbours, customers and friends, 10 ladies of all ages accepted to "model". For all, it was the first time and memorable day! And thanks to all the ladies at Prinz SA in Bellinzona and to Manuela Werenfels from Swarovski for the help and great energy!

The instructions were to take the pictures within the city with slightly recognisable items, no flash, no reflector, just "nature" and possibly after work or during the week-end.

Backstage shots