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Le Corbusier et les reflets de la couleur

Published by Call me Edouard, Switzerland (photography Alexander Harbaugh & Nicole Beuchat). June 2017.

Adrien Couvrat – internationally recognised Parisian painter and visual artist – has painted a series of canvases specifically for the Villa “Le Lac” Corbusier (Corseaux, Switzerland) in consonance with the colours of the walls and the dimensions of their openings. In the imposing avant-garde embodied in the Villa “Le Lac” (1923), Le Corbusier implemented a subtle play of colours in which each hue has a function or a symbolic import. A given colour placed next to another will produce a particular atmosphere – a tone. That is Le Corbusier’s “colour keyboard”. Adrien Couvrat has placed himself at the controls of an instrument and played a score in which architecture, painting and the museum experience are in symbiosis.

Anna Kosarewska

RealTime Arts - Magazine - issue 137 (2.2017)

"Shifting gravity's centre" / from the Venice International Performance Art Week, December 2016

impressions anna k

Venice International Performance Art Week 2016

Documenting the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK final edition of the trilogy.

III - "Fragile Body - Material Body" (3rd edition, 2016).

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"Des réfugiés en attente". Coverage of refugees in Como (italian border) in 2016.

Playful water

Festival Images 08 / "Jeux d'eau"

Water is not only an essential element of life, but also a source of entertainment and playfulness. Exhibition presented at the Festival Images 08 in Vevey in 2008.


Media clippings

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