Forlorn factories, Ukraine

Ukraine is an amazing country, both in his vastness and its diversity. For many centuries this was a cherished place for its agriculture, its crops and it's very fertile soil being coveted by many over the past. Industrialization was massive under the Soviet Union and investments in the heavy industry was done at an unbelievable scale.

Driving around the country, mainly near communication pathways such as portuary towns, you can find these massive factories and plants expanding on hundereds of square acres. These factories employed thousands of people, and today one wonders where are those people and what is done with their knowledge. 

After the breakdown of the Soviet Union some entrepreneurs were trying to reactivate these shops. However, the economic and political situation has in many cases prevented these from flourishing again, and visiting them is something very sad in the place where work is needed and where there is a clearly certain capacity to produce.